Leona Lewis wants to work on her acting career

Leona Lewis, the Bleeding Love star, who stars in a brand new musical film 'Walking On Sunshine.' She has stated that she has devoted herself to a whole new craft, and she wants to work as hard as she could. While speaking to a leading magazine, she told that she do not want it to be like she is a musician, and she is quite well known; this is why she got the part. She has friends who are actors.

They go for countless auditions, and they take a whole lot of acting classes. There is no way that she wants to take that away from them. The twenty nine year old singer told that she wants to do the exact same thing and work really hard at it. Leona came to fame when she won the X Factor in the year 2006.

She defended her decision to try her luck in the movie industry. A leading website has reported that Leona told that Leona told that people always want to get the claws out straight away, but she believes that this movie was very natural for her – it is a musical - they want someone who can sing to be in it.

Recently, the lovely brunette left SyCo/Sony label. She was signed to that label since Simon Cowell discovered her on X Factor - after brokering a brand new multi year record contract with the Island Records. Lewis has insisted that there are absolutely no hard feelings between her and Simon about the decision.