Lewis celebrated her birthday party in London

Leona Lewis, the Brit pop singer, has celebrated her twenty ninth birthday on Thursday evening by arranging a party in London with circus performers as well as mini lookalikes. The singer went to Cirque le Soir nightclub in England capital to mark her birthday, and the party was themed with her top hit single called Bleeding Love.

Invitees included her music manager Louis Walsh and mentor Simon Cowell, and the entertainment had circus performers as well as transvestic Chrissy Darling, who sported dress as Leona Lewis in her Bleeding Love video.

The event also had dwarves dressed as Leona, Walsh and Cowell, who presented the singer with a huge birthday cake. An onlooker told that Leona Lewis as well as her friends were getting into the spirit of the night by donning elaborate headpieces as well as dancing on the tables as a steady stream of circus performers strutted their stuff in front of them.

A close source told that they started off with a couple of contortionists, before break dancers, cross dressers and even a giant all came out to wish her happy birthday. And she was amazed when a strong man folded a frying pan in front of her eyes, before bending a thick iron bar into a heart shape and presenting it to her as a gift.

During the party, hosted by www.roundtheworldflights.com Leona also frolicked in a ball pool with her buddies and later relished an after party at a nightclub.